The coolest phone just arrived and perfect for that spooky vibe, this skull shaped phone is a must conversation piece and its eye lights up when it rings


1. The sound quality is clear, allowing you to communicate smoothly with others and be able to hear the voices of others clearly.
2. Multi‑purpose telephone, it is not only a telephone, but also an absolutely fashionable household item.
3. It has the functions of flashing and dialing, dialing pause, redialing, ringing switch, call indicator and so on.
4. Durable and made of high‑quality ABS material, it can be used for a long time.
5. Unique appearance design, skull shape design, giving people a completely unique look.






Item Type: Telephone
Material: ABS
Weight: Approx. 519g / 18.3oz
Color: White
Function: Phone number storage function; dual-use audio/pulse dialing; last number redialing
Interface: RJ-11





Package List:

1 x Microphone Cable

1 x Telephone Incoming Cable

1 x Telephone 




Calavera Telephone

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