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Our Story

Family Roles

  • Maria Vega: Owner, Picker, Pricer

  • Leonard Vega: Owner, Picker

  • Uriel Diaz: Manager, Sales Person, Labor

  • Anthony Diaz: Manager, Sales Person, Labor

  • Samantha Diaz: Paper work, organizer

  • Leonard Vega: Part time sales

Social Recognition

  • 2011 San Antonio Express news "$hop girl finds shopping bliss in Beacon Hill" 

  • 2014 Beacon News "Spotlight on Beacon Hill Businesses

  • 2014 San Antonio Current BOSA runner up "Best Antique Store"

  • 2015 Karolina's Fiesta Medal 

  • 2015 San Antonio Express news "Renovating History in Government Hill"

  • 2015 San Antonio Current BOSA WINNER "Best Antique Store" "Best Discount Store"

  • 2015 Out in SA magazine "Fall 2015"

  • 2016 Karolina's Fiesta Medal 

  • 2016 San Antonio Current BOSA runner up "Best Antique Store"

  • 2016 "LGBT block party/fashion show" 

  • 2016 San Antonio Current "Mexiqueens"

  • 2016 "Moments from Mexiqueens" 

  • 2016 "Mexiqueens"

  • 2016 "Go Retro"

  • 2016 Karolina's Antiques Facebook 1300 likes

  • 2016 @karolinasantiques Instagram 1199 Followers

Feb 24, 2016

Go Retro

Karolina's Antiques is mentioned as one of the must visit vintage spots in San Antonio 

Apr 09, 2016

Moments from Mexiqueens

"Mexiqueens" was an art gallery and fashion show by local artist Anthony Diaz and local deisgner Caterina Gutierrez hosted by Karolina's Antiques 

Jan 08, 2016

LGBT Block Party/ Fashion show

LGBT Block party/ Fashion show with local artist, musicians, and designers held in front of Karolina's Antiques

Oct 20, 2011

$hop girl finds bliss in Beacon Hill

Karolina's Antiques is mentioned as one of the treasure finds made by $hop Girl in this "blissful" Beacon Hill neighborhood 

Jan 18, 2015

Renovating History in Government Hill

Karolina's Antiques is mentioned by one of thier loyal customers when asked about one of his favorite pieces in his beautiful home.

Apr 22, 2015

Best of San Antonio 2015

Karolina's Antiques won "Best Antique store' and "Best Discount store"

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